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Shop Around for the Lowest Hospital Bed Rental Cost

Traditionally, hospital bed rentals have been the purview of medical supply companies and home health agencies, both of which operated from a local or area-wide base. As such, consumers have had no choice but to accept whatever prices were offered and pay them. However, the increasing number of online medical rental companies has made an impact on the market, and customers can now comparison shop online for the lowest hospital bed rental cost.

Local and Regional Companies

The emergence of the Internet has changed the way many companies do business. Online comparisons now provide competition for those companies whose previous prices were often determined by possession of the lion’s share of the market. Although all avenues should be explored when it comes to hospital bed rental cost, there are some advantages to dealing with a local company. Due to increased competition, some of these now offer lower rates, or are willing to negotiate regarding additional equipment and accessories. Also, should something go wrong, it can be easier and faster for a local company to fix the problem.

Spin Life offers semi-electric beds that feature electronic foot and head controls, and a manual adjustment for the bed height, for a cost of $150-$185 per week. They offer full-electric hospital beds at a cost of $165-$215 per week. Their standard, twin-size beds are 36” wide by 80” long, and will support patients weighing up to 450 lbs. Over-bed tables are available to rent at a cost of $30-$35 per week. Additionally they offer homecare beds with an adjustable base and advanced therapy mattress systems, and rent Bariatric beds that have weight capacities up to 1,000 lbs.

Preferred Health Choice

Specializing in online sales and rentals, this company provides semi-electric or full-electric beds to customers depending on the availability in their respective areas. Their semi-electric hospital beds rent for $225 per month, and they provide full-electric hospital beds for $285 per month. The price for both semi-electric and full-electric models includes a choice of foam or innerspring mattress, half or full rails, bed frames, and a fitted sheet. The company requests that customers specify the type of mattress and rails desired. A one-month minimum is required for hospital bed rentals.

This company provides rentals for manual, semi-electric, and electric beds, as well as for Bariatric beds that support patients weighing from 600-1,000 lbs. Although most hospital beds rent for a minimum of two weeks, many companies charge lower prices with monthly rates. The average cost is usually anywhere from $200-$500 per month. However, this is a large database of hundreds of companies that rent hospital beds nationwide, and rates vary widely. Check with these individual companies to get the best rates for the total hospital bed rental cost.

Bradford Medical Supply

Bradford offers several choices of hospital beds for either rent or sale, but has a minimum rental requirement of one month. Their standard size, semi-electric bed rents for $350 per month, and standard size, full-electric beds cost $400 per month. Both of these models use a 7" foam or innerspring mattress that fits on a twin-size, 35” wide by 80” long frame. The company also rents Flexabed Luxury adjustable beds in both the semi-electric and full-electric models, and full-electric Bariatric beds that use a 7? inner spring mattress that fits either a 48? wide by 88? long or 42? wide x 88? long frame.

Overall, cost should not be the primary consideration when renting a hospital bed. Some of the more expensive models are more desirable for optimal patient safety and comfort. The best course of action is to discuss the matter with a physician and a medical supply professional to determine which model will best suit the patient’s needs.